The same thought is  often given by the master in many different forms, in order to make it  penetrate the mind. Sufis say that an idea will enter the conditioned  (veiled) mind only if it is so phrased as to be able to bypass the screen of  conditionings. The fact that the non-Sufi has so little in common with the  Sufi means that the Sufis have to use the basic elements which exist in every  human being, and which are not entirely killed by any form of conditioning.  And these elements are precisely those which underlie the Sufi develop­ment.  Of these the first and permanent one is love. Love is the factor which is to  carry a man, and all humanity, to fulfillment:

“Mankind has an  unfulfillment, a desire, and he struggles to ful­fill it through all kinds of  enterprises and ambitions. But it is only in love that he can find  fulfillment.”

The Sufis

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